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The most unique and best camping near Golden and Revelstoke BC, may just be here. Hidden in a valley, 4.5 km down a forest road near Glacier Park and Rogers Pass is a campground that many of our guests refer to as “paradise”.  Alone on the 260 km long Kinbasket Lake with it’s Lakefront Cabins, Lakefront RV sites and Lakefront tent camping, Kinbasket Lake Resort is that paradise. Enjoy spectacular views, fishing, swimming, beach combing, boating, kids playground, hiking, quadding & ATV riding, or like so many of our guests, just put you feet up & relax.

For the past 25 years, Kinbasket Lake Resort has provided a semi-rustic camping experience with cabins, rv, motorhome, trailer and tent site rentals, amenities including power, water, sani-dump (2 night stay required for dumping), flush toilets and hot showers, seasonal rocky beach, swimming, boat launch and docks, with a small convenience store and laundry service.


A Kids Paradise

If your children love exploring and adventure, sticks, rocks, water and lots of other kids to play with you’d be hard pressed to find a better place for them. As well as what the lake and the forest provide, we have built a rustic playground with swings for babies up to adults, a slide, sandbox and tire swings. (However many kids seem to prefer the trees behind the playground for some reason) Its a very safe environment as we sit 4.5 kilometers from the nearest paved road and for 16 years I’ve watched parents with a sense of comfort and well being turn their kids loose to run in packs throughout the grounds. While the little ones are hard on the bathrooms, we love having them here.

Our clientelle is “mature adults and families", and we all like it like that. We like folks to enjoy themselves and this a place where you can have fun and stay up with your camp fire as long as you like. However we do vigorously enforce our rules about conduct, noise and pets so please read our rules under the first tab above and if you can't, or won't follow them then please don't ask for a reservation. 

We are not kidding! I hear it from campers all the time. “I can’t believe you don’t have any mosquitos here.” We will have a few until the end of June, but in the summer you can sit around your campfire all night and hardly see a one. That’s due to our dry climate and a soft breeze most evenings moving from Glacier Park down the Beaver Valley and out to the lake.

The melt from the mountains will typically cover the lakebed in early to mid-July and fill it at a rate of 1 to 2 feet per day till mid-August when the lake approaches full pool. The docks are usually in use by early July with the silt from the runoff settling out within a couple of weeks. We have a large gravel/sand beach area that reduces in size as the lake level rises and the swimming is normally excellent from late July on with the water temperature reaching a peak of 21-23 degrees Celcius the first of August. We have a lot of people swimming each summer from both the beach and the docks! The fishing and boating are good throughout the summer with some debris to be avoided depending on wind direction and water levels. See the “Pictures” tab above for some Summer and Docks/Beaches photos.

Kinbasket Lake Resort enjoys some of the best weather in the mountains as we have our own micro-climate at the junction of our two river valleys which gives us the most sun and least rain in the region. 
Click on this link - Weather Network for Revelstoke - for forecasts as that's where ours comes from, not Golden. Then increase the sunshine and reduce the rain typically by one half to two thirds.

This place is really unique as we sit alone at the tail end of the Kinbasket Lake reservoir providing us seasons of the lake. From our opening until the end of June/early July we are sitting on the confluence of the Beaver and Columbia Rivers that run through the lake bed. This time of year is beautiful in its own right and many of our guests come back in this season year after year. The fishing is usually very good from the river banks and you can explore the lake bed with its rock formations, cedar stump forests and abundance of unique driftwood. (Yes you can take it home) Trucks can be driven down our launch ramp to and across the lakebed (subject to conditions) and the quad riding/dirt biking on the lakebed and hundreds of kilometers of forest road goes on forever. The views of and from the lakebed at this time of year are really incredible! See the “Pictures” tab above for some spring photos.

95% of the time in a day you will hear only the birds, the wind in the trees and the sounds of of very well behaved campground. The only disturbance to this will be from some truck traffic and a rail line and crossing we, like with many other campgrounds in BC have nearby. There may be 1 train in 3 hours, and there may be 3 in an hour, and the horn, (about 4 seconds/train) will definitely be heard. However, even with the rail running at full capacity there will be a combined time of horns of

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We put everything we can into making your camping experience an enjoyable one. Maybe that’s why we have so many guests return year after year, bringing new friends and family to enjoy their discovery. 

We hope to see you as well.